Call for Crowdfunding – Support Adayaalam’s work

Dear friends, family, colleagues and supporters,

Eight months ago, the Adayaalam Centre for Policy Research (ACPR) began operations in Jaffna, filling a critical need for a North-East based policy think-tank looking at issues affecting the Tamil polity in Sri Lanka. Post-war civil society institutional building in the North-East is critical for deepening the democratic and social discourse culture of the war-affected region and ensuring active participation of the war-affected Tamil community in political and civic processes.

In the short time since beginning operations ACPR has, among other things, successfully:

  • Run a Swiss funded capacity-building project on Human Rights Documentation in a Post-War Context for North-East based Tamil and Muslim activists;
  • Commissioned and published a book, ‘Nilam Izhantha Kathaikal’, written by journalist and documentary maker Jera Thampi that focuses on the lived experiences of those who were forcibly dispossessed from their land;
  • Researched and published a situation brief in response to the tragic killing of 2 students by police in November and the ensuing focus on the “Aava gang” by the government: “Student killings, Aava Gang and the Securitisation of Jaffna”;
  • Published an issue brief analyzing the reports published by the Sub-Committees of the Constitutional Assembly in December: “The Sub-Committee on Centre-Periphery Relations and the Unitary State”; and
  • Launched a discussion series in Jaffna focusing on raising awareness among students and local community members on transitional justice, constitutional reform, and intra-community social justice issues.

ACPR also several ongoing research projects in progress that we will be publishing later on this year regarding security sector reform, land release, and transitional justice. ACPR has also been consulted by numerous diplomatic missions based in Sri Lanka to provide analysis and opinions on the state of constitutional reform and transitional justice in the country, and observations of Tamil viewpoints and perspectives in the North-East.

ACPR is currently made up of a dedicated staff of 4 individuals, who have been working since August on a largely voluntary basis while ACPR establishes itself. Now that ACPR has been set up and we have many projects underway, we are launching this crowd-funding campaign to raise $25,000 (USD) in funds to help cover core expenses for the next year, while we work on establishing a sustainable grant and endowment base. The funds raised by this campaign will go towards covering operational and logistical costs for the next year as well as some transportation costs required for ongoing research projects ACPR has independently embarked upon and create a discretionary research project fund.

ACPR kindly invites you to consider contributing a donation towards supporting our work. Donations of any denomination would be welcome and appreciated.

You may donate by making a direct deposit to our bank account (details below). For our bookkeeping records we ask that you please email us at with the details of your donation.

Account Name: Adayaalam

Bank Account No: 103711000069

Currency of Account: LKR

Bank Name: Pan Asia Bank

Bank Address: Hospital Road, Jaffna


As a legally registered guarantee company in Sri Lanka, ACPR will be publishing an independent annual audit every fiscal year.

Please contact us if you have any questions or for more information at

The generosity of individuals like yourself will go a long way in enabling ACPR to produce evidence-based research to advocate effectively for the rights and aspirations of the Tamil polity in Sri Lanka and help rebuild war-affected communities. Thank you for taking the time to consider our appeal.

Warmest regards,

Adayaalam Team

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