Basics of Human Rights Documentation Booklet

As part of the outcome of a 5-day residential workshop on “Human Rights Documentation in a Post-War Context” which ACPR held in October 2016 with participants from North-East civil society organizations, ACPR has published an introductory booklet on human rights documentation in a post-war context. The booklet outlines factors that CSOs should consider when conducting documentation in the context of a ‘dealing with the past’ framework. ACPR hopes that the booklet will serve as a primer for civil society activists looking at beginning documentation projects, or bringing existing documentation into line with international standards. Most importantly, ACPR hopes that the booklet will serve to start a conversation about the importance of mapping documentation efforts and collaboration between civil society organizations.

The booklet is available for download in English, Tamil and Sinhala. Hard copies are also available at the ACPR office.

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